Allergy Shot Appointment Info

Reminders for Allergy Shot Patients:
  • Please bring your EpiPen or AuviQ to every appointment or you will not be able to receive your allergy shot that day.

  • You will be required to wait for 30 minutes after every shot.

  • Please remember to come in at least WEEKLY for your shot. It is recommended to come TWICE WEEKLY if possible.

  • Don’t engage in strenuous exercise for 1 hour prior to or immediately after your injection.

Questions to Consider on the Day of your Shot:
  1. Did you take your antihistamine medication?

  2. Have you had increased asthma symptoms in the past week?

    • Chest tightness

    • Increased cough

    • Wheezing or shortness of breath

  3. Have you had increased allergy symptoms in the past week?

    • Itching eyes/nose                                      

    • Sneezing

    • Runny nose

    • Post-nasal drip

    • Throat clearing

  4. Do you have an illness or fever? If you are on antibiotics to treat an infection, please notify the allergy nurse before coming in. Shots will usually need to be delayed.

*If you answered YES to questions 2-4 please CALL (501) 227-5050 before coming so we can further evaluate if you should receive your allergy shot that week.

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