Balance Center

The Balance Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center is designed to fully evaluate patients of all ages with vertigo and balance disorders. The vestibular system consists of the inner ears and the brain stem along with inputs from the eyes and ankles. This system helps us maintain our center of gravity. Dysfunction of the vestibular system causes symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness, as well as balance problems.

All patients with vestibular complaints undergo a full examination by our medical staff which includes two neurotologists. Appropriate audiologic testing is performed. When indicated, vestibular testing including dynamic posturography and video electronystagmography is preformed at the Kanis office. These tests help indicate the location and severity of vestibular dysfunction. This helps guide therapy which frequently includes vestibular rehabilitation.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a relatively new discipline that has been designed to help people with dizziness and imbalance. A new application of old ideas, vestibular rehabilitation uses techniques from physical therapy and occupational therapy to treat patients with vertigo and balance disorders. Assisted by a computerized balance feedback machine, this type of therapy has been responsible for some measurable improvement in the majority of patients.

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