Prepping for Spring Allergies | Arkansas Otolaryngology Center

While some may be ready for warmer temps and budding gardens, others are hunkering down and dreading the itching and sneezing that comes with Spring. As February ends and March begins, springtime is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about how you can prepare for allergy season. At the Allergy Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, we do not want Spring to sneak up on you! Arkansas, while especially beautiful with its many opportunities to explore the great outdoors, can be a bit tougher for people who suffer from pollen and mold allergies. With its temperate climate, our state supplies many different types of allergens, most coming from weeds, grasses, trees and

Hearing Aid Benefits | Arkansas Otolaryngology Center

Hearing. It’s one of five senses we use to enjoy the world around us. Children laughing, music playing, the wind rustling through the trees, waves crashing on the shore. Not only are we able to enjoy nature’s wonders, but we also use hearing to communicate with people around us. Whether it’s for a work meeting, buying a drink at the local coffee shop or getting to know a stranger for the first time, hearing is an important part of daily life. At Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, we want you to have the best quality of life, and that's why we offer and service the best in hearing aids. But, do you truly understand the benefits of hearing aids? When our hearing declines, our quality of life does

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