Why Do I Get Nosebleeds?

Ever had a nosebleed? Most people have experienced them in their lives, and they can be kinda shocking. Yet nosebleeds are common, and thankfully, they’re usually not as bad as they look. This article will discuss the different kinds of nosebleeds and what causes them. Nosebleeds may occur in the front or back parts of the nose. Anterior nosebleeds are the most common, and they come from the collection of small blood vessels in the soft part of the front of the nose. Usually the bleeding is caused by dryness of the skin lining the inside of the nose. Excessive air exposure, especially in the winter, can cause this dryness, as well as friction from picking the nose or using tissues excessivel

Little Rock ENT and Allergist Discuss Facts About Sneezing

The ENTs and Allergist at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center describe a sneeze as the body’s response to a foreign particle irritating the nasal mucosa. The function of sneezing is to get rid of the mucus containing the foreign particles and cleanse the nasal cavity. When the delicate lining of your nose experiences the first tinge of a foreign substance, it sends an electric signal to your brain. This signal tells your brain that the nose needs to clear itself. Like our bodies try to clear house when a foreign substance enters the body, our systems work to eliminate things when we’re sick. Allergies, the flu, a common cold — they can all cause a runny nose or sinus drainage. When these are pres

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