Little Rock Audiologist Talks Myths About Hearing Loss

Typically, hearing loss is a very slow and gradual process; one in which the listener may not even realize a hearing loss is present. Some people think their doctor would have told them is they had hearing loss, but only about 14% of doctors routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical. The audiologists and hearing specialists at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center always recommend having your hearing tested routinely at our Hearing Center. You may not think you need your hearing tested, or don’t realize you do—our hearing specialists in Little Rock talk about myths with hearing loss (and why you might need hearing aids). Myth: Only old people have hearing loss Fact: About 48 million peopl

Why You Should Consider New Hearing Aids

Our Little Rock Audiologists know that technology changes quickly. Much like TVs and phones, hearing aids have evolved over time, and today there are more options for hearing aids than ever before. Long past are the days of large, flesh-toned hearing aids. With companies like Phonak and Starkey, hearing aids are more innovative and designed to fit into everyday lifestyle. Not only are they used for hearing loss, but they’ve become something of a health-able; tracking physical and mental health. As you can see, the benefits of new hearing aids are already looking good. Our Hearing Center looks at why it might be time to upgrade your hearing aids and devices: Fights hearing loss more efficient

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