Easy Ways to Prepare for Allergy Season

It might not be allergy season just yet, but our Allergist is Little Rock always recommends prepping for Spring Allergy season early. For some people though, allergies are year-round. But for those who deal with pollen and ragweed allergies, there are ways to prepare for allergy season long before it ever happens. Tip #1: Keep an eye on pollen counts Checking with sources like weather.com, or local tv stations will give you the daily pollen counts. If you know that pollen affects you the most, then being aware of the count and making preparations around that will make a difference. We know you can’t stay inside forever, but limiting time outdoors will garner success. Tip #2: Keep the pollen

How To Determine Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss can also occur later in childhood. In these cases, parents, grandparents, and other caregivers are often the first to notice that something may be wrong with a young child’s hearing. Even if your child’s hearing was tested as a newborn, the Audiologists at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center recommend continuing to watch for signs of hearing loss, including: Not reacting in any way to unexpected loud noises, Not being awakened by loud noises, Not turning his/her head in the direction of your voice, Not being able to follow or understand directions, Poor language development, or Speaking loudly or not using age-appropriate language skills. If your child exhibits any of these signs, re

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