Hearing Aid Benefits | Arkansas Otolaryngology Center

Hearing. It’s one of five senses we use to enjoy the world around us. Children laughing, music playing, the wind rustling through the trees, waves crashing on the shore. Not only are we able to enjoy nature’s wonders, but we also use hearing to communicate with people around us. Whether it’s for a work meeting, buying a drink at the local coffee shop or getting to know a stranger for the first time, hearing is an important part of daily life. At Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, we want you to have the best quality of life, and that's why we offer and service the best in hearing aids. But, do you truly understand the benefits of hearing aids?

When our hearing declines, our quality of life does also. Tools like hearing aids were created to solve our hearing issues. By using a nearly invisible microphone that sits behind the ear, sounds are transmitted through an amplifier to a speaker, allowing you to hear sounds more loudly.

While most people associate hearing aids with the elderly or deaf, there are several other age groups who wear hearing aids because of the benefits they provide. If you're on the fence about using hearing aids, here are three additional things to note:

1. Better hearing impacts your social life. Loss of hearing can leave you feeling stressed and embarrassed in social situations. By wearing hearing aids, you can relax more and feel confident in your ability to hear and understand conversations better.

2. Investing in your hearing is an investment in your mental health. Hearing aids help guard against cognitive decline and memory-loss, two side-effects that are known to happen when your hearing declines. Also, a recent study states that people who wear hearing aids are less likely to suffer from depression, another common side-effect.

3. Technology improvements allow for discretion and improved use. Hearing aid options have greatly improved over the years to include devices that are more visually discreet than they used to be. Through improvements in hardware and technology, many aids allow you to adjust volumes and pitches based on your surroundings.

There are many other benefits and features of hearing aids! If you'd like to learn more, schedule an appointment today with an audiologist at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center in Little Rock, North Little Rock, or Benton to discuss an option that will suit your needs. Click here to learn more about the Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center!