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Prepping for Spring Allergies

While some may be ready for warmer temps and budding gardens, others are hunkering down and dreading the itching and sneezing that comes with Spring. As February ends and March begins, springtime is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about how you can prepare for allergy season. At the Allergy Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, we do not want Spring to sneak up on you!

Arkansas, while especially beautiful with its many opportunities to explore the great outdoors, can be a bit tougher for people who suffer from pollen and mold allergies. With its temperate climate, our state supplies many different types of allergens, most coming from weeds, grasses, trees and molds.

There are measures you can take now to prepare for the coming Spring months. Consider the following preparations as Spring approaches:

  1. See an allergist now! By visiting with an allergist before your allergies begin, they may be able to suggest ways for you to get a head start on allergy relief. They may also suggest allergy shots which require a little more advance planning but can lessen the impact of allergens that are more likely to bother you.

  2. Try to reduce your exposure to allergy triggers. Outdoor chores, especially in the spring months, may need to be put on hold or delegated to someone else while you try to limit your exposure to allergens.

  3. It’s never too early to start your spring cleaning! Get a head start on those springtime chores by dusting everything, from forgotten corners to dirty fan blades. Use a rainy Saturday to knock out washing your curtains, sweeping your floors, vacuuming rugs and washing your windows.

  4. Protect yourself indoors. As tempting as it is to fully enjoy the mild springtime temps, keeping your windows closed will help cut down on pollen settling inside. Also, by purchasing high-efficiency air filters, you can trust that your air conditioning will keep as many allergens as possible out of your home.

Our Allergist at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center is ready to help you beat allergy season. Make sure you’re feeling your best and contact the Allergy Center to discuss possible options that will help you survive the Spring months!