Hearing Testing is Important, No Matter Your Age

Hearing plays a big role in every stage of life. When we’re younger, our minds begin developing into who we will be as an adult and our ability to hear plays a significant role in how we learn. When we’re older, our careers and life at home rely on our ability to hear to form solutions and make plans. Our hearing health in every stage of life is significant, so it’s important that we do all that we can to make sure we’re taking care of it.

Early Years:

With babies and young children, a hearing impairment could affect their ability to learn basic language and interaction skills. By testing their hearing early, doctors can detect any problems and establish a treatment plan to ensure the child is meeting developmental benchmarks as they grow.

Young Adults:

Noise-induced hearing loss is becoming much more common among young adults, most often related to listening to loud music through earbuds, car stereos and live concerts. Other young adults serving in the military or other loud work environments are often exposed to noises that can cause permanent damage to hearing. By conducting a hearing test and finding a solution, these individuals are more likely to enjoy social settings and feel confident in career advancement.

Later Years:

One in three adults between age 65 and 74 has some form of hearing loss which can often lead to depression, isolation, anxiety and has been known to link to Alzheimer’s disease. By testing a senior’s ability to hear, solutions can be identified to help them enjoy life more. Often times, solutions are as simple as wearing a hearing aid which can allow a more enjoyable social life.

Whatever age you are, it’s important to be proactive about your hearing health. Contact the Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology to schedule a hearing test today so you can make sure you’re hearing is where you want it to be.