Do I Need Hearing Aids?

What are the signs of hearing loss? You may be experiencing hearing loss if you often complain that others are mumbling, or you have difficulty understanding conversations in a group. Do you need hearing aids? Rest assured: you’re not alone. In fact, nearly 38 million Americans have hearing loss. For many people, hearing aids are the best option to help correct untreated hearing loss and resume a high quality of life.

The Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center recommends watching for these early warning signs and changes in your behavior that may be related to hearing loss:

  • Complain that people are mumbling.

  • ​​Frequently ask people to repeat what they have said.

  • Prefer the television or radio louder than other people.

  • Have trouble understanding what is being said at the movies or theater, your house of worship, or other public gatherings.

  • Have difficulty understanding conversations in a group.

  • Have trouble understanding someone if they are speaking from a different room.

  • Become more impatient, irritable, frustrated, or withdrawn.

  • Have trouble understanding people when you cannot see their faces.

  • Strain to hear conversations.

  • Avoid being the first person to start a conversation.

  • Have trouble hearing when people speak softly.

  • Have trouble hearing on the telephone.

  • Avoid social occasions, family gatherings, and noisy environments.

If you fit into some of these, it may be time to get your hearing tested and see if you need hearing aids. At least getting your hearing tested, no matter the result, can help clear your mind of concern. There is a lot to learn when it comes to how to get the proper hearing aids and hearing device technology, but fortunately, the Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center can be instrumental in helping you understand your options so you can enjoy better hearing soon.

Contact us to schedule a hearing test and learn more about hearing aids.