Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested In The New Year

Why is it important to get your hearing tested? All too often our doctors at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center hear people believe hearing tests are for people who have a problem, just as vision tests are for people who have vision problems. In reality, hearing tests don’t just uncover potential hearing loss—these hearing screenings can also lead to the discovery of physical and medical issues you may not be aware of yet. Here’s why you should get a hearing test this year:

Diagnose medical conditions. Aging is the most common culprit of hearing loss, but sometimes hearing loss is due to an underlying medical condition. High blood pressure has been linked to tinnitus and other hearing issues, and some diseases like diabetes may cause hearing issues, too.

Identify potential problems. Do you get your vision checked every year? Your hearing is no different. Having your hearing tested yearly allows you to track issues and changes in your hearing and make adjustments as you need them. Our hearing specialists at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, for instance, can compare every audiogram you take to the last, allowing them to see how rapidly your hearing is changing and alerting them to potential problems, no matter how basic or severe.

Prevent further damage. When hearing problems are allowed to progress, much more is lost than just the ability to hear. Physiological ailments can manifest psychological issues if you don’t take care of yourself, like depression and anxiety. Some people may even become increasingly isolated due to the limitations of their conditions. Hearing loss has also been linked to increased injuries in the elderly, as they are less likely to hear car horns, smoke alarms, and other sounds signaling danger.

Start treatment. Little hearing issue? No problem. Recognizing a mild hearing issue can actually be a good thing, as it allows you to prevent hearing loss from getting worse. The Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center is ready to treat you right away, with the best doctors and state-of-the-art equipment. Our Hearing Center also offers several types and styles of hearing aids to treat a wide range of hearing problems and hearing needs. And, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. Learn more about the Hearing Center at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, serving Central Arkansas and surrounding areas!