Easy Ways to Prepare for Allergy Season

It might not be allergy season just yet, but our Allergist is Little Rock always recommends prepping for Spring Allergy season early. For some people though, allergies are year-round. But for those who deal with pollen and ragweed allergies, there are ways to prepare for allergy season long before it ever happens.

Tip #1: Keep an eye on pollen counts Checking with sources like weather.com, or local tv stations will give you the daily pollen counts. If you know that pollen affects you the most, then being aware of the count and making preparations around that will make a difference. We know you can’t stay inside forever, but limiting time outdoors will garner success.

Tip #2: Keep the pollen out of the house preparing for allergy season Even when you’re indoors, it’s possible to be ambushed by the vile pollen. One thing you can do is keep the doors and windows shut. This might be difficult in spring when the weather is nice, but it’ll save you the pain. You should clean the areas that accumulate more allergens as well as vacuum often with a HEPA filter cleaner. Also, wash your clothes as soon as you get home and shower just before bed.

Tip #3: Neti Pot You may have heard of nasal irrigation, but Neti Pot is an extremely effective version of this that requires little effort and cash. You can easily find these bottles at grocery or drug stores. Basically it’s a plastic bottle with a tip that shoots water and saline up the nasal passages, cleaning them out of any pollen or dust. It sounds gross, but it really does help. Just be prepared to see some gunk fall out.

Tip #4: Get an allergy test If you struggle with allergies each year but aren’t exactly sure what’s causing you pain, then an allergy test is the first step to success. At Arkansas Otolaryngology Center, we can do allergy tests quickly. From there, the Allergist will walk you through the next phase of immunotherapy. It’s an easy process with proven results. It’s also a more effective way to manage those allergies permanently.

Tip #5: Clean the filters and tighten the pipes Last but not least, make sure that your air filters are cleaned more often than usual. This could be a huge detriment to your health, causing increased symptoms. If you’re allergic to mold, make sure that water pipes are sealed and that there aren’t any leaks within the home.

Always remember: the Allergist at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center is always here to provide the best in treatment and care for allergies and sinus problems. Schedule an appointment today!