Why You Should Consider New Hearing Aids

Our Little Rock Audiologists know that technology changes quickly. Much like TVs and phones, hearing aids have evolved over time, and today there are more options for hearing aids than ever before. Long past are the days of large, flesh-toned hearing aids. With companies like Phonak and Starkey, hearing aids are more innovative and designed to fit into everyday lifestyle. Not only are they used for hearing loss, but they’ve become something of a health-able; tracking physical and mental health. As you can see, the benefits of new hearing aids are already looking good. Our Hearing Center looks at why it might be time to upgrade your hearing aids and devices:

Fights hearing loss more efficiently It’s imperative to treat hearing loss as early as possible. If you’ve taken a hearing screening and know you have hearing loss, hearing aids may be the answer, but that’s not a bad thing. The stigma of being old because of hearing devices is not a truth, especially when it means better health. The newest technology has better sound quality, creating a more authentic hearing experience.

Size matters For many people in various working industries, it’s hard to have hearing aids on-the-job. Whether it’s in a business meeting or working in manual labor, there are hearing devices suited for any position. For instance, new devices have gotten much smaller and in some cases are actually invisible.

Socially active Whenever hearing loss persists, people tend to fall away from social interactions and events. Imagine being unable to hear, leading to an inability to involve yourself in conversations. After a while, you might isolate yourself and become depressed. With these new hearing aids, the fear of being treated differently can be left at the door, especially since they’re much smaller.

Artificial intelligence and Bluetooth As said before, new hearing aids are now more of a healthable, but they serve a greater purpose than that too. For example, Starkey’s Livio AI devices can translate language in real-time. Need to tune in to the TV at home while the family’s sleeping? You can stream sound directly to your hearing devices.

We hope that these benefits of new hearing aids help you or a loved one make that decision so they don’t fall into social isolation and depression. Hearing is one of the most important senses that we have for communication, so why let it degrade?

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