Symptoms of Hearing Loss | Little Rock Audiologist

Hearing loss typically occurs over time. At first, you may not notice any changes in your hearing. In fact, it may feel like some days you hear better than others, until one's the same. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, you should contact your Audiologist at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center:

  • hearing loss that interferes with your daily activities

  • hearing loss that becomes worse or that doesn’t go away

  • hearing loss that’s worse in one ear

  • sudden hearing loss

  • ringing in the ear

  • severe hearing loss

  • having ear pain along with hearing problems

  • headaches

  • numbness

  • weakness

Some severe symptoms mean something worse. You should seek emergency medical treatment if you experience headaches, numbness, or weakness along with any of the following:

  • chills

  • quick breathing

  • neck stiffness

  • vomiting

  • sensitivity to light

  • mental agitation

These symptoms may occur with life-threatening conditions that warrant immediate medical attention, such as meningitis.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, or have questions about the possibility of hearing loss, schedule an appointment with our Audiologists at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center. They might recommend a hearing test and will help evaluate what hearing needs you have.